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I have become increasingly concerned at the misappropriation of science to support some very unscientific claims. "Science" and "evidence" works to legitimize the welfarist position. I worry that few actually question who is conducting…

The politics of the pure vegan myth (Corey Lee Wrenn, Ph.D.)

Professionalized organizations expend considerable effort in denouncing veganism, what they generally refer to as a practice of “purity.”
Large animal charities fail to take principled stands for humans or non-humans because it may conflict with fundraising goals...
Human rights activists are lured by donor funding to become "professional" NGOs. But efficient doesn't necessarily mean effective...

Why large animal organisations will NOT promote consistent veganism (On Human Relations with Other Sentient Beings)

In this revealing interview, Dr Pendergrast explains why the main groups in the "animal rights movement" do not have a clear vegan message.