Veganism CV

Director / Trustee, The Vegan Society – May 2018 to date

Contributing to the strategy, policies, and governance of this medium-sized charity.

Secretary, Animal Welfare Special Interest Group, Mensa – January 2017 to October 2018

Manager and newsletter editor for the Animal Welfare Special Interest Group (SIG) of fellow Mensa members - encompassing animal rights, animal welfare and animal liberation; veganism, vegetarianism and vivisection.

Founder, Vegan Rights (UK) – September 2016 to date
Campaign Manager (Brexit), International Vegan Rights Alliance – February 2017 to date

Founder of grassroots campaign to ensure that the status of veganism as a protected belief is retained when the UK leaves the EU, and when the government replaces the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights. This is necessary to ensure that vegans continue to be afforded protection from bullying and harassment at work or school, and that service providers have to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate vegans (for example, providing suitable food in hospital, care homes, or prison).

Technical Director (consultant), The Vegan Society – January 2014 to April 2017

Having originally approached the society regarding the possibility of establishing and managing a London office, I was engaged to consult on the society’s online presence and database consolidation. In this capacity, I have successfully delivered various projects that had previously proven challenging – including the award-winning website (Drupal), and a Customer Relationship Management database (CiviCRM) for membership.

Volunteer Manager (London), VegfestUK – July to October 2015

Recruitment, organisation, and supervision of over 70 volunteers for one of the UK’s largest vegan festivals.

Local Contact, The Vegan Society – April 2012 to date

As a local contact for the society, I have managed and assisted with stalls at various festivals, recruited volunteers, helped to represent the society at the launch of Enough Food For Everyone IF, and provided support for potential and existing vegans.

Organiser, London Vegan Meetup – November 2011 to date

Since being asked to take over the group, I have increased membership from around 750 to over 7,500, raised funds for marketing materials, and advised businesses on catering to vegans. With events every week, this is now the world’s largest vegan social group – providing support for existing vegans, and helping non-vegans to go vegan.

Chair / Mentor, London Vegan Pledge, London Vegan Campaigns – January 2009 to date

After initially volunteering to mentor potential vegans, I became more involved with the overall management, and chaired the event in 2013. I have since been working with key members to determine the organisation’s future.