Veganism CV

Head Organiser, London Vegan Meetup – November 2011 to date

  • Growing membership from 750 to almost 10,000 (now one of the world's largest vegan groups).
  • Increasing the diversity, inclusivity and quantity of events.
  • Hosting some of Europe’s largest monthly vegan events (up to 150 attendees).
  • Managing various social media channels.
  • Speaking on veganism, community building, and effective activism at events and to the media – including the BBC, Channel 4, and Vegan Life.

Trustee / Chair of the Board of Trustees, The Vegan Society – May 2018 to July 2021

  • Contributed to the strategy and governance of this medium-sized charity.
  • Successfully introduced policies on transparency and diversity.
  • Chaired council meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

Secretary, Animal Welfare Special Interest Group, Mensa – January 2017 to October 2018

  • Managed the Animal Welfare Special Interest Group (SIG) for fellow Mensa members.
  • Produced a regular newsletter on animal rights, animal welfare, animal liberation, veganism, vegetarianism and vivisection.

Founder, Vegan Rights (UK) – September 2016 to January 2019
Campaign Manager (Brexit), International Vegan Rights Alliance – February 2017 to January 2019

  • Secured media coverage on Brexit's impact on the status of veganism as a “protected belief”.
  • Obtained assurances from the likes of the Attorney General and the Shadow Brexit Secretary.

Technical Director (consultant), The Vegan Society – January 2014 to April 2017

  • Advised on online opportunities, database consolidation, and GDPR.
  • Delivered a range of challenging projects – including the award-winning website (Drupal), the online trademark search, and a Customer Relationship Management database (CiviCRM).

Volunteer Manager (London), VegfestUK – July to October 2015

  • Recruited and managed over 70 volunteers for one of the UK’s largest vegan festivals.

Local Contact, The Vegan Society – April 2012 to August 2019

  • Managed (and recruited volunteers for) stalls at festivals.
  • Supported potential and existing vegans.

Chair / Mentor, London Vegan Pledge, Vegan Campaigns – January 2009 to October 2013

  • Mentored new vegans, managed the mentor team, and chaired the overall event.



  • A trustee’s role and responsibilities (NCVO).
  • Charity trustee induction and refresher training (NCVO).
  • Charity Fast-Track (Utopy). Graduated with distinction, and won the Mentors' Choice Award 2019 for Culture and Communications.
  • CiviCRM User and Administrator training (CiviCon London).
  • Essential leadership skills (NCVO).
  • Get great press – essential media training (NCVO).
  • Introduction to sustainable funding (NCVO).
  • Introduction to the UK Parliament (FutureLearn).
  • Make your board effective (NCVO).
  • Managing change in your non profit (NCVO).
  • Media training for animal rights and vegan activists (Vegan Business Media).
  • Setting up a charity (NCVO).
  • Social Media (FutureLearn).
  • Strategy made easy: simple steps to producing your strategic plan (NCVO).
  • The cohesive team cycle – five steps to building cohesive teams (NCVO).
  • The essentials of charity finance (NCVO).