Business advice

All too often, non-vegan businesses struggle to capitalise on the demand from vegan customers. Meanwhile, vegan businesses struggle to succeed commercially. In either case, their failure is to address the two complementary aspects: "vegan" and "business".

Non-vegan businesses need to produce imaginative options in order to appeal to vegans - as well other groups that might benefit from an animal-free option (vegetarians, those with allergies / intolerances, those who avoid certain animal products for religious reasons, etc.) And vegan businesses need to ensure that they have a commercially-viable business model, and aren't just assuming that the growth of the vegan community will guaranteed the growth of their business.

So how can I help?

Having been vegan for over 20 years and a company director for almost as long, I'm well versed in the both aspects. But I doubt that this combination makes me unique. (Possibly not even when you factor in three years of consultancy to The Vegan Society as well.)

However, having built London Vegan Meetup into the world's largest vegan social group too, I've also organised over 100 events that cater to vegan audiences, liaised with a wide-range of vegan businesses, and been exposed to many more perspectives than I could have ever experienced personally.

And that probably does make my experience unique.

So if you'd like to discuss how I can help your business cater to vegans, be a commercial success, or both, please get in touch.