Talks & presentations

As well as general talks on the rationale for veganism, I've previously given presentations on specific subjects such as:

  • Community Building (panel)
  • Building Your Activist Community
  • Social Activity as Activism
  • The London Vegan Social Scene
  • Representation, Diversity and Inclusivity in the Vegan Movement
  • Effective Vegan Advocacy & Animal Activism

I've also chaired talks and presentations by other speakers - including Sarah Woodcock, founder of The Advocacy of Veganism Society (on 'The Foundation of Justice - What's all this talk about "intersectionality"?') and various contributors to Vegan Campaigns' Vegan Pledge (on the benefits of veganism for animals, the environment, and human health).

If you'd like me to address your group or event about a particular aspect of veganism, please get in touch.

In this talk, I introduce "Ten Factors of Effective Vegan Advocacy and Animal Activism", and address some popular myths surrounding the topic.

Two versions of the slides for this presentation are available:

  • The original version, including slides on definitions of terms, and…