Web development

In 1993, I became the "webmaster" for BT's first website, responsible for all design and development. This proved to be the first step towards a long career developing websites for charities, NGOs, local government, schools, and various other companies and organisations.

Previous sites have included off-the-shelf, customised and bespoke functionality - particularly e-commerce and Content Management Systems.

Having developed a previous e-commence website for Bradbury Tracks in 2007, I was commissioned to work alongside the company's graphic design firm (Sentonic) to develop a new online store for the company in 2013.

While keen to use existing open-source e-commerce software in order to…

Since 2007, I have developed a suite of e-learning tools for the Museum of London - covering topics such as:

  • Records Management
  • Information Management
  • Emergency Planning
  • Handling Museum Objects
  • Packing Museum Objects for Storage