Got kale?

  • Enjoy plant-based food?
  • Want to save lives?
  • Enjoy freebies?
  • Want your money doubled?

If you've answered "yes" to ANY of the above, then read on...

This April, I'll be spending a week eating just five plant-based ingredients (kale, tomatoes, kidney beans, flour, and onions) to raise money for's Team Mum campaign - creating pregnancy support groups in rural Kenya, where 1 in 26 babies don't reach their first birthday.

This "Sukuma Wiki" challenge is designed to provide a limited insight into the monotony of poverty, and a fresh appreciation of the luxury of a varied diet. "Sukuma Wiki" means "stretch the week", and it's what Kenyans call a popular kind of kale, because it's a good way to bulk out their diet when they're short of food. It's a well-loved staple among the communities that supports in Kenya, and women can grow it to generate an income, as  well as to feed their families.

Every pound raised will be doubled by the Department for International Development's (DfID) UK Aid Match initiative. But to really maximise the support that can bring to new mum, I need you. I'm looking for up to 15 people to do this with me. And if we raise £200 each, this would mean a total of £6,000 (included the government's matching).

  • £10 is enough to reach a mum who needs support, and provide her with a Team Mum pack of baby essentials, including a weighing bag.
  • £25 pays for a new mum to receive the full support group training programme. She’ll make a birth plan and be introduced to her local health facility where she can give birth in a safe environment.

Not yet convinced? Well, how about a little bribery! Here are some rewards that I've secured for participants....

  • Raise £50, and get a 15% off voucher for Green Bay (online or in store)
  • Raise £100, and get a celebratory glass of prosecco (or juice) from Tibits
  • Raise £150, and get some vegan "steak" from Harmless Foods
  • Raise £200, and get a £10 voucher for Tibits
  • Raise £250, and get a £15 voucher for Green Bay

And if you raise even more, we have something in mind for £300 too...

We'll also give you recipes, fundraising tips, posts to share on social media, and any other support we can.

Are you in? Then please Join the Team (or ask me to add you).

But if you're not, please donate to any of the team member's fundraising pages, if you can. There are some rewards for donors there too...


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