London Vegan Meetup

In November 2011, the founder of London Vegan Meetup returned home to Australia, and asked me to take over the group. Nearly five years old, the group had 750 members. Five years later, I'd grown it eightfold to over 6,000 - even more than The Vegan Society, and apparently the largest vegan social group in the world.

With free membership (that's open to both vegans and the vegan-curious) and free events every week, the group continues to grow on a daily basis (now over 8,000 members).

Want to meet people in London? Enjoy great vegan food?

Then we'd love to see you at London Vegan Meetup!

Open to non-vegans as well as vegans. (We just ask that you eat vegan food only at our events.)

Donations? I thought this group was free!

It's completely free to join London Vegan Meetup. And completely free to attend our events. Although some events (such as festivals) may have an admission fee. And you'll need to pay for your own food and drink, of course!

Can I organise an event for London Vegan Meetup?

We welcome events that support the aims of this group (rather than any individuals' or organisations' own agenda). We can help set up an event with you as the "Event Host". (Or, under certain circumstances, make you an "…

Will you help promote our vegan-friendly event?

We welcome events that contribute to London Vegan Meetup's development as a genuine community.

However, London Vegan Meetup should not be considered simply a source of free promotion (not least because of the volume…

You don't have to be vegan to join London Vegan Meetup. Or to attend our events. As well as vegans, we welcome non-vegans - such as vegetarians, flexitarians, pescetarians, and omnivores. And one reason that the group exists is to introduce non-vegans to vegan food (and to vegans!)