Donations? I thought this group was free!

It's completely free to join London Vegan Meetup. And completely free to attend our events. Although some events (such as festivals) may have an admission fee. And you'll need to pay for your own food and drink, of course!

So what are donations for then?

Donations go towards current costs incurred running this group (including fees, music licensing, Facebook ads, marketing materials, and so on) and the cost of future initiatives (such as the production of vegan education).

Do I get any perks for donating?

Donating is completely optional. But it won't give you any extra privileges. And not donating won't mean you lose any! It'll just help us to further the group's aims. So if you'd like to make a small donation to help the group flourish, that would be much appreciated. But it's also OK if you don't!

OK, where can I donate?

Right here!