Kale and the gang

Today marks the official start of the fundraising drive for You've Got Kale! That gives us four weeks before the challenge itself - a week of eating just five plant-based ingredients (kale, tomatoes, kidney beans, flour, and onions) to raise money for Child.org's Team Mum campaign to create pregnancy support groups in rural Kenya, where 1 in 26 babies don't reach their first birthday.

However, there's still time to participate - to raise even more money for this fantastic cause, to earn rewards from Tibits, Green Bay and Harmless Foods, and to gain a limited insight into the monotony of poverty, and a fresh appreciation of the luxury of a varied diet.

But if you'd rather donate instead, we have rewards for you too!

  • If you donate £5 via my fundraising page, I will guarantee to play ANY song of your choosing at the London Vegan Drinks of your choice.

    That could include a song that you've written or produced, or just one that you want everyone else to experience (whether you love it or hate it!)
  • If you donate £10 via my fundraising page, I will tweet you a personal thank you, with a link of your choice (some cheap publicity for your business, maybe...)

    More importantly, your £10 will pay for a pack of baby essentials, including a weighing bag. (And with UK Aid Match, it will pay for two such packs!)
  • If you donate £25 via my fundraising page, I will write and record a limerick featuring your name.

    More importantly, your £25 will pay for a new mum to receive the full Team Mum programme. (And with UK Aid Match, it will pay for two new mums to receive the full Team Mum programme!)

However, the other team members are offering different rewards! Perhaps you'd prefer a personal postcard with kitties on, or a recipe from Yemoja Foods (including kale, of course!) Or maybe you'd like to support whoever needs a boost the most.

Check out the fundraising pages for each team member to to see what suits you best.

Whatever option you choose, any donations before 30 April will be DOUBLED by the government's UK Aid Match scheme.

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