Act now to set the direction of The Vegan Society

A couple of years ago, The Vegetarian Society caused an outcry when it removed voting rights from its members.

Fortunately, The Vegan Society remains a democratic organisation - with members being able to elect the governing council (board of trustees) and vote on resolutions for the society to act upon. They can also stand for election and propose such resolutions themselves. However, this opportunity typically only comes once a year - at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The AGM for 2018 has recently been announced (Saturday 19 May in Birmingham) with the deadline for nominations and proposals on Monday 5 March (at 4pm). More can be found details in The Vegan magazine (2018 Issue 1). And they should shortly be added to the members-only area of The Vegan Society website too.

If you're not yet a member, there's still time to join and have your say. Membership starts at £1.50 / £2 pcm, and includes benefits such as 10% off at Holland & Barrett. Based on the cut-off date for the 2017 AGM, you should have until 16 May to join if you want to vote. Although, candidates for council must have been a member for a year by the date of the AGM.

And if your membership has recently lapsed, you can still participate - as there appears to be a six month grace period. (From the society's Articles of Association, "Membership is terminated if... any sum due from the member to the charity is not paid in full within six months of it falling due.")

To encourage engagement with society members and the wider vegan community (including discussion of the society's direction, the AGM, and possible resolutions), I recently created The Vegan Society - discussion group (unofficial) on Facebook. Hope to see you there...


Since publishing this article, The Vegan Society has confirmed the cut-off dates as follows:

...any prospective member of The Vegan Society wishing to vote by post or online should submit an application no later than 1700 (GMT) on Friday 13 April.  To vote in person at the AGM applications should be submitted by 1700 (GMT) on Friday 11 May.

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