Vegan Rights (UK) makes the front page

Vegan Rights (UK) is featured extensively in the lead story of this month's Friends' Gazette, which addresses the subject of vegans being teased for their beliefs over the festive season.

The issue comes up as a petition has been launched to protect UK vegans from bullying when Britain gives up the Human Rights Act as a result of quitting the European Union.

PM Theresa May wants to kick off the two year process in March next year. Under the title: "Ensure Bill of Rights Affords as much Protection for Vegans as Human Rights Act", the petition claims that vegan rights in the UK are in jeopardy.

In the European Union, veganism is recognised as a "protected belief" under Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Within the UK, this is implemented by the Human Rights Act 1998, the petition points out.

"By protecting vegans from discrimination and bullying, this legislation makes it easier for vegans to stay vegan - indirectly reducing animal exploitation."

"However, with the UK leaving the EU, and the government planning to replace the Human Rights Act with a Bill Of Rights, protection for vegans in the UK is in jeopardy," it states.

The petition which has been running since November 4 needs 10,000 signatures before the government will respond. Deadline is April 4, 2017.

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